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The Beginnings of Lacrosse

Beginnings of Lacrosse are a great story! The game of lacrosse is much older than most people know. It originated with Native Americans in the New World. Originally played by the Algonquian tribe, it was known as stickball and was much different that the sport that’s popular today.

In the beginning, lacrosse games were played by up to 100,000 warriors at one time and could last for several days. It was a way to train young warriors and enable players to exhibit their prowess. There were no boundaries and the only rule was that players couldn’t touch the ball with their hands.

Goals were arbitrary and could involve anything from a tree several hundred feet away to a designated rock several miles away. Equipment consisted of deerskin balls filled with sticks and fur. Netting of deer sinew was attached to sticks. No one knows for sure how long the Algonquians held matches before they were first observed by French Jesuit missionaries from Europe in 1630. These are the early Beginnings of Lacrosse.

The priests wrote the first accounts of the game in the 1630s. Interest in this new game grew and a demonstration was held in Montreal, Canada in 1834. Canadians took the game to heart and in 1856, Dr. William George Beers, a Canadian dentist, founded the first Montreal Lacrosse Club. It wasn’t until 10 years later that Beers created rules for the game and introduced a redesigned stick and rubber ball.

The first ever recorded lacrosse match played by women was in Scotland in 1890. Lacrosse became the national game of Canada. A team comprised of Canadians and another team of Iroquois began touring for exhibition games, beginning in Scotland in 1883. The sport proved so popular in multiple countries that it was played in the Summer Olympics of 1904 and 1908.

Over time, lacrosse came to be perceived as a sport reserved for the elite. In the U.S., lacrosse was typically played at Ivy League schools on the East Coast. However, lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. and schools across the nation are now adding it to their official rosters. Thanks for reading the Beginnings of Lacrosse. Incidentally, we hired Better Business Web of Boynton Beach Florida. They are optimizing our content utilizing an SEO strategy. You might have a better experience on our website navigating our content as a result of the optimization strategy we’ve implemented.

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