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How Can We Sell Our Lacrosse Balls So Cheap?

We are a small family business started by childhood friends Lance and Frank located in rural Pennsylvania and we thank you for coming to our website. Though our products are sold on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart, the “Velocity” website was created to showcase all of the current products that carry the Velocity Trademark in one convenient place. We are so proud to have started our sporting goods brand in 2018, and since then we have seen tremendous growth year over year with a focus on providing our products “Direct To Consumer” at the lowest price. We avoid the middle retailer and factory source every product ourselves which allows us to bring the best pricing on the market and the highest quality. Our mission is to bring you the highest quality product for the best price on the market.

There are only a few major retailers left in the sporting goods industry and we feel that access to sporting goods is getting harder and harder to find locally. Every year we add new products based on your feedback and the surveys we send out. If you do get a survey from us we ask that you please fill it out as it will better help us serve you in the future.

Our Price Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction Policy assures you that every product we bring to the marketplace is top quality which not only competes but beats other major branded sports products.  We don’t carry everything in every sport (we’re working on that) but what we do carry is simply the best.

We got our start with a focus on Lacrosse products. Both Frank and my kids played in school and local travel lacrosse leagues for years. That’s where we first saw that as a small sport compared to baseball and football the availability of products and gear in local markets around the country was horrible. There were the major retailers with their poor selection and high prices and nothing else unless you drove 50 miles. That set the stage for us. We had factory experience, import knowledge and years of manufacturing experience with other large companies during our professional careers so it was Game On

So, please take the ride with us and buy a Velocity Sports product with the knowledge that you are getting a better product and a better price than anyone else can offer. If you play Badminton, Volleyball, Baseball or Softball keep checking back as our product line is growing every year and we will get to your sport when we have found the best products at the best prices. We are proud to be of service to you. Feel free to contact us anytime.   

Lance & Frank

NOCSAE Lacrosse Balls

NOCSAE Lacrosse Balls
Every ball we sell is officially approved and meets all the NOCSAE standards. We believe in offering top quality products and unparalleled customer service therefore we offer a money-back guarantee for every single ball sold.

About Velocity Sports Products

About Velocity Sports Products
We hope to be able to further support many Lacrosse Charities and a percentage of sales will be set aside for that. If you are part of or know any additional Lacrosse based charities that we should consider supporting please have them contact us. Thank you for visiting “About Lacrosse Balls Direct” and supporting Lacrosse Charities.